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Version 10.3.1, Release Date: April 11,2008, Made by Mark Okun

XO For Android | Tic-Tac-Toe | Java XO | Show toolbar

The program XO plays classic and non-classic board games


    • You can play against your friend or computer
    • You can play many classic and non-classic games with different set of rules
    • You can customize board, colors, stones,..
    • .
    • You can work with database of games
    • You can save games in file using different formats. You can move saved files in your Pocket PC and play using our software.
    • You can create list of openings
    • And more...

    Product History

    The X & O has long history.

    The first version of X & O for MS-DOS was created in March 1993. This version had limited number of games and had a lot of problems.

    Sun Microsystem created a new computer language Java. I decided that it is perfect language for my project , converted codes from C++ to Java and created Java version of X & O. This version is available

    In 2000 I got my first PALM. I was fascinated by this device and started develop applications for PALM OS. I wanted move X & O to PALM. To do this I changed language again: from Java to C++ and created many applications to play board games for PALM OS:

    Testing games on PALM is slow process. Therefore I created a MS Windows program to run games, adjust evaluation attributes e.t.c. I added more and more feature and after some time of creating and testing games for PALM OS the X & O for Windows was made.

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