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Wildball for Windows

Version 21, Release Date: February 5,2005, Made by Mark Okun

General Information JezzBall

WildBall is clone of classic Arcade game Jezzball.

You can play WildBall on Windows: download, unzip and run it. Click here to view screenshot

History JezzBall

ScreenShot JezzBall is a highly addictive game for Windows that was originally designed by Microsoft in 1992 as part of the Microsoft Entertainment Pack.
  • In 2000 the first java version of WildBall was created.
  • In March 2003 the PALM's version of WildBall was created.
  • In March 2003 the Windows version of WildBall 1.0 was created. Click here to download it.
  • In January 2005 the WildBall 2.0 was released.

Rules JezzBall

Screenshot The game begins in a large capture chamber with one ball bouncing around (Jezzball from Microsoft has two balls at begin) With a click of the mouse, you can build a new chamber wall and trap the balls in a smaller space. But be careful, if you don't build your wall completely across the chamber before it's hit by a ball, it won't withstand the impact.

How play JezzBall

  • Use left's mouse buttom to create bars
  • Use right's mouse button to change bar's type
  • Using option dialog you can
    • turn sound off/on
    • Show or hide grid
    • Set % to complete level (Jezzball from Microsoft has this value = 75%)
    • Change speed
    • Change field's size
    • Change theme (themes are available only for registred version)

The application keeps 10 highest scores and allows save game on your harddrive.

The wall of fame

For all time

# Name Score Level Date Time
1t1169837August 5th, 200912:57:04
2sveta11626511July 1st, 201013:26:06
3VoteJesusforSenate1507157August 1st, 200817:39:55
4cheatin1356450July 29th, 200809:30:59
5cheatin1355150July 29th, 200810:21:32
6cheatin1312848July 28th, 200821:31:21
7cheatin1291147July 28th, 200814:07:08
8rod strickland1244745July 24th, 200816:52:49
9cornhuskerssuck1240745July 24th, 200816:34:31

For the last 30 days

# Name Score Level Date Time
1kp177818October 3rd, 201405:49:23
2kp172017September 29th, 201405:59:26
3kp161316September 24th, 201404:43:11
4kp159216September 23rd, 201405:23:48
5t125314October 11th, 201416:59:19
6Sveta87015October 13th, 201408:48:56
7Sveta86415October 15th, 201404:37:57
8t8229October 8th, 201410:28:39
9Sveta68713October 14th, 201414:26:24

For the last 7 days

# Name Score Level Date Time
1Sveta86415October 15th, 201404:37:57
2Sveta68713October 14th, 201414:26:24

For the last 2 days

# Name Score Level Date Time
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