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Java Software

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These are Java software made by Setup Group.
You can run in inside of your browser as applet or download on your PC

Calculator Calculator 0.00Freeware
Calendar Calendar 0.00Freeware
Photo Album Photo Album 0.00Freeware
Biorhythms Biorhythms 0.00Freeware
Blackjack Blackjack 0.00Freeware
Poker Patience Poker Patience 0.00Freeware
Video Poker Video Poker 0.00Freeware
Arkanoid Arkanoid 0.00Freeware
Low of Gravity Low of Gravity 0.00Freeware
Maze Maze 0.00Freeware
Mars Attack Mars Attack 0.00Freeware
Red and Green bugs Red and Green bugs 0.00Freeware
Snake Snake 0.00Freeware
Tennis Tennis 0.00Freeware
TetBlocks TetBlocks 0.00Freeware
Cows and Bulls Cows and Bulls 0.00Freeware
Java Minesweeper Java Minesweeper 0.00Freeware
Puzzle with buttons Puzzle with buttons 0.00Freeware
Rock-Paper-Scissors Rock-Paper-Scissors 0.00Freeware
Treasure hunter Treasure hunter 0.00Freeware
Towers of Hanoi Towers of Hanoi $2.0Buy now
Game of life Game of life 0.00Freeware
Min/Max finder Min/Max finder 0.00Freeware

To download java application click here.
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