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Family Organizer

Version 1.0, Release Date: September 24,2005, Made by Mark Okun

Biorhythms | Game of life | Show toolbar

General Information

Family Organizer is unique software that allows:
  1. Keep database of your relatives and friends
  2. Show your genealogy tree
  3. Creates family's photo album
  4. Calculate Biorhythms
  5. Calculate compability test
  6. Get astrology and numerology information
  7. Creates list of tasks
  8. Creates list of appointments
  9. Create list of non-religion and religion holidays
  10. View calendar with important events as birthdays, non-religion holydays, religion (Christian, Hebrew and Muslim) holydays, appointments,...
  11. and more


The application has 6 different views:


Click to zoom
Click to zoom
This view shows grid (table) with information about persons.
  • You can change layout of the grid: hide, show columns and change order.
  • You can apply filter to hide/show records.
  • You can sort data by selected column
  • You can resize size of columns


This view shows genealogy tree


Click to zoom
Click to zoom
This view shows biorhythms for selected person. You can see 7 cycles: Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Average, Mastery, Passion, Wisdom. and critical days.


Click to zoom
Click to zoom
This view shows compatibility for two selected persons.


Click to zoom
Click to zoom
This view shows calendar with information about birthdays, holidays and appointments. You can view Hebrew, Islam or Julian Days. The calendar shows religion ((Christian, Hebrew and Islam) and non-religion holidays. You can add your holidays.

Photo Album

Click to zoom
Click to zoom
This view shows pictures. Pictures belong to photo albums and can be assigned for specific person.


This view shows items associated with selected person(s).

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