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Cows and Bulls

Version 2.1.1, Release Date: February 14, 2005, Made by Mark Okun , Used Java 1.6


The objective is to correctly guess the 4 digits number generated by the computer.

A bull means that you have guessed a digit and it is in the correct position.

A cow means that you have guessed a digit but it is in the wrong position.

For example, if the is 5682 and your guess is 5870, then you have scored 1 COW and 1 BULL. The 1 BULL is for the digit "5" which, as you guessed, is in the first position. The 1 COW is for the digit "8" which is in a different position.

You can keep guessing till you find the correct number.


The Setup Group has other software to play Cows and Bulls:
Cows and Bulls for Android
Play Cows and Bulls on your PALM
Play Cows and Bulls on your Pocket PC
Play Cows and Bulls on your Windows PC


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